Alarm Systems

The human detector already alarms at a touch!

Alarm systems and security technology from Human Detector

There are a variety of alarm systems and security systems for collectors and museums. To list these here would be laborious, but we at MICARE particularly like a system that can report even minimal touches to the vehicle, e.g. on a smartphone, or as a start signal for a surveillance camera. A touch-free theft has not yet come to our attention!

Human Detector is the only electronic security system in the world that can detect the smallest touch on large objects such as high-priced cars. It can be installed within minutes and, thanks to battery and radio operation, works completely independently of the power grid. 

The Human Detector is an ideal and cost-effective protection for museums, exhibitions and private collectors. It protects all essential forms of art, exhibits and technical exhibits. False triggering as with optical systems is excluded. Thanks to the quick and subsequent installation, Human Detector is the ideal protection for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The video shows the use and easy installation of the Human Detector System:

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