MICARE PS RE-LOCATOR passive tracking system for motorhomes 36 months incl. NFC-ID-SET and recovery after theft

889,00 €

Product Info

  • Full service package with 36 months term
  • No monthly basic fees
  • Recognized by insurance companies - individual discounts may be possible
  • VAT included
  • Delivery within 8-14 days
  • 30 days return policy
  • Free hardware replacement after three years
  • From the 4th year only 179,00 Euro per year


The MICARE PS RE-LOCATOR (Recovery Locator) is a passive, stand-alone 5-way tracking system that enables the exact location of a stolen vehicle through a 24/7 security center. Recovery by professional investigator and repatriation in Europe included!

  •     GPS satellite positioning
  •     GSM mobile network
  •     Bluetooth 
  •     RFID
  •     LORA direction finding technology 

The RE-LOCATOR is clearly superior to conventional, active trackers. It never actively transmits position data, which significantly increases its battery life. Thieves cannot track the RE-LOCATOR with frequency scanners, so-called sweepers. The jammer method (suppressing position signals by means of jammers) is also unsuccessful - it could only delay the tracking.

You will receive the RE-LOCATOR including NFC-ID-SET worth 109,90 Euro!
This anti-theft identifier identifies your vehicle without a doubt after a theft, even if the vehicle ID number has been manipulated. All that is necessary for this are three steps:

Registration: Easy online registration of your vehicle. You will receive a dated certificate with a time stamp that identifies you as the owner at the time of registration.
Marking: Self-assembly of the NFC chip at unobtrusive places on and in your vehicle.
Identification: The NFC-ID-SET identifies in seconds directly on the vehicle via app on your smartphone. Identification is only possible if the exact installation positions of the NFC chips are known, as data transmission only takes place in the milimeter range 0-1 mm.
Scope of delivery:

    1x RE-LOCATOR 12,5x3,5x3,5 cm
    1x Coded NFC-ID-Card (credit card format for your wallet)  
    3x Coded car badge for your windshield (to deter potential offenders)
    5x Self-adhesive NFC PPS coins, on-metal especially chemical and temperature resistant (-20 to 180 °C) diameter: 15mm, height 3 mm
    5x Self-adhesive NFC stickers, PET, on-metal ultra-thin, LxW 10x10 mm, height 0.83 mm

Protect your motorhomes today!