Tracking Systems

Oldtimer theft is a growing problem. Vodafone's positioning systems provide effective protection against permanent theft

Many classic car owners have prejudices against tracking systems, regarding susceptibility to faults etc., what are the advantages of Vodafone's solutions?

The Vodafone solutions are based on the latest GPS/GPRS/GSM technology and enable precise positioning.

With alarm centres (SOCs) in 44 countries, Vodafone provides an unparalleled service network to ensure the effective recovery of stolen vehicles. The SOCs are also in close contact with the national police authorities. The alarm centres can be reached around the clock and are at your side when you need assistance most.

As the owner of a vehicle, you have a permanent contact person in the form of your home alarm centre, who will take care of the theft tracing of your vehicle in the event of an emergency. In certain cases, the alarm centres abroad are also involved in the recovery process. This may be necessary if your vehicle is abroad in the event of theft or if it is driven across the national border following theft. The local police authorities, with whom the SOCs are permanently in exchange, always take care of the seizure.

The Vodafone theft detection systems are available in different versions. All the systems are connected to the Europe-wide alarm centre network and can be switched to
Your new vehicle will be taken over.

How this tracking system works is explained in this video:

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