Data protection and security made in Germany

MICARE PS: Our passion is for the automobile our care is for the security of your data

The protection of your personal data and our internal data protection is very important to MICARE PS:

  •         MICARE PS consistently ensures that your personal data always remains internal
  •         Vehicle data of your vehicle are not accessible to third parties
  •         It is not possible for other users to contact you directly (for advertising purposes etc.)
  •         As a registered user your personal data is protected by your password
  •         MICARE PS only collects such personal data (name, address) that are necessary to create an invoice, for example
  •         All data is stored exclusively on servers within Germany 

All data protection provisions under the DSGVO will be complied with by further measures:

  •         Only you as a registered user have access to your personal data in the password-protected area
  •         For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content, this site uses SSL or TLS encryption
  •         Technical measures for data backup on the server are guaranteed by our service provider
  •         Evaluations based on your data are generally not carried out by us

If you would like to know more, you can find our detailed data protection declaration here.

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