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Missing Car Register GmbH with its unique concept for theft prevention offers comprehensive solutions to protect your property. Our online platform for new classic, young and vintage cars is specialized in locating stolen vehicles and stores them transparently for international access in order to make the trade in stolen vehicles more difficult in the long term. For this reason, we now offer you another sensible, cost-effective way to protect your property permanently and effectively at the same time.

What are MICRODOTs?

MICRODOT technology involves applying thousands of microscopic dots (0-1 mm) to the vehicle and its parts using a brush and a special transparent UV indicator liquid. Each MICRODOT SET carries a unique PIN that is stored in the Missing Car Register together with your vehicle data, a detailed description and vehicle photos. This allows for unique identification of the vehicle. The marking is not visible to the naked eye, so there is no visual damage to the vehicle.

How do MICRODOTs track your property?

The MICRODOTs applied to the vehicle and its parts can only be located using UV light. The PIN applied to the MICRODOTs can then be read with a simple microscope. This PIN can be checked directly on site by police/customs or a private investigator around the clock 24/7 via an online query in the Missing Car Register. In this way, the vehicle can be identified without a doubt within seconds - even after the chassis number has already been manipulated by the perpetrators! The chassis number stored in the register can still be clearly assigned to the stolen vehicle, thus making it possible to directly identify the owner.

Can MICRODOTs be forged?

MICRODOTs are as individual as a fingerprint and therefore forgery-proof. They are therefore often referred to as artificial DNA. MICRODOTs are a sophisticated technology that is used worldwide to solve car thefts, as well as to recover stolen vehicles.


  •     Easy to use - it takes less than five minutes to apply 5,000 microdots
  •     Cost-effective - mark any number of locations or parts inside and outside the vehicle
  •     Fast identification - in the event of theft, the owner can be identified directly by the authorities via the chassis number stored in the Missing Car Register
  •     Proof of ownership - the unique PIN identifies your car beyond doubt and makes it virtually impossible for thieves to resell it without being detected
  •     Awareness - Investigating authorities such as police and customs know about the effectiveness of Microdot technology in solving car thefts. Professional private investigators specializing in stolen vehicle recovery also use UV light to check vehicles for individual MICRODOT markings
  • Recognized - Insurance companies usually give a discount on the comprehensive insurance premium for marked vehicles

The MICRODOT-PIN in each SET is unique worldwide and is permanently stored in our register with your vehicle data through an exactly dated vehicle entry. Thus, the assignment to the owner after a theft is also legally possible without any doubt.

MICRODOTs can now be ordered in different quantities in our store, not only for classic cars, youngtimers and collector's vehicles, but also for motorcycles, scooters, e-bikes or motorhomes.

What does the MICARE PS MICRODOT-SET contain?

Our smallest kit consists of 5,000 microdots. It is virtually impossible to locate and remove all the Microdots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell a stolen car or car parts without fear of being caught.

  •        SET with 5.000, 10.000 or 15.000 MICRODOTs
  •         UV indicator liquid that glows in black light with brush
  •         Black light lamp
  •         Warning badge for your windshield (to deter potential thieves)

MICRODOTs is delivered in a high quality metal box.

Can I apply the MICRODOTs myself?

Yes, it's as easy as touching up paint with a touch-up pencil, so no workshop visit is necessary. Whether leather seats, targa roof, chrome bumpers - only you as the owner decide where to place the MICRODOTs. There are no limits to your imagination.

Ready to go in three steps:

1. Register vehicle

2. Download certificate

3. Place the Microdots in the vehicle

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