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Not yet a customer and a victim of theft? Report a stolen vehicle here free of charge!

  • Permanent publication on platform
  • Suspension of a reward possible
  • Describe the vehicle in detail on several input masks
  • Identification by engine- and gearbox-number
  • Upload up to 10 pictures
  • Publication of data on social media channels for maximum reach
  • Cooperation with authorities, expert organisations and associations
  • Including theft report as PDF
  • Makes it more difficult to steal stolen goods and to acquire them in good faith


$259.90 $359.90

The MICARE GPS Tracker locates and identifies your vehicle within seconds. Theft protection with passive monitoring, alarm function and SOS real-time location.

  • Interval and real-time location
  • Integrated identification with NFC
  • 4 Tracking profiles controllable in APP
  • Push alert in case of movement
  • Compact, light and robust 64x45x19 (LxWxH in mm)
  • Incl. SIM card for all networks 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Magnetic - easy mounting - no cabling
  • Up to 24 months battery life - rechargeable
  • Power supply and charging cable included

MICARE PS NFC-ID-SET plus vehicle registration for a one-time fee of 89,90 € - without follow-up costs

The 12-part SET clearly identifies a stolen vehicle even if the chassis number has been manipulated. By registering on MICARE PS it is possible within seconds to assign each vehicle to its rightful owner.

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Feedback from MICARE PS users

What our customers say about MICARE PS

  • MICARE PS is the most interesting start-up I've seen in a long time in the classic car scene. It offers the possibility, to register stolen vehicles or a collector's car as a preventive measure. With the current high number of car thefts, this website is exactly the right thing, to make it more difficult to trade stolen vehicles. Also the possibility to make your car identifiable by NFC technology, if the chassis number was manipulated after a theft is unique.

    Christian Loch

    Christian Loch

    Porsche Classic race instructor

  • I became aware of MICARE - PS through articles in trade journals. Even for me as a layman, the system turned out to be well thought out and with a reasonable price/performance ratio. The order was simple, the delivery fast and reliable and the installation of the chips in the vehicles was very easy. If I had any questions or problems, I always received quick and competent assistance and suggestions for solutions from Mrs. Stumpfernagel. I can only recommend MICARE without reservation.

    Prof. Dr. Andreas FETTE

    Prof. Dr. Andreas FETTE

    Paediatric surgeon

  • The idea of chipping the vehicles is simply brilliant.

    I have chipped all my vehicles.

    Fritz Walter

    Fritz Walter

    Owner of CLASSIQUE

  • There is no such thing as 100% protection against theft. But with the help of NFC chips it is finally possible to prove it or to document the identity of vehicles and parts.

    Steffen Dominsky

    Steffen Dominsky

    Editor kfz-betrieb

  • Theft protection through the NFC-ID-SET is really easy to handle and in combination with the new passive tracking system the optimum in security.

    Rainer Heck

    Rainer Heck

    Owner TBird Weddings

  • The idea that thieves were tampering with my vintage car collection or that my favourite Porsche was stolen while drinking coffee in Heidelberg really worried me. That's why I rely on the new MICARE PS services.

    The preventive registration on the online platform in combination with the coding by NFC chips hidden in the car makes the car much less interesting for thieves.

    Torsten Linder

    Torsten Linder

    Entrepreneur and passionate vintage car collector

You can download our app free of charge from App Store or Google Play.

The MICARE PS NFC app scans the individual URL for your NFC chips and links them directly to your registered vehicle in the Missing Car Register.

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