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The private institute for automotive forensics may sound strange. Anyone who has ever read Simon Becket probably does not associate his vintage car with forensics.

The subject is more topical than ever. Thanks to ebay etc. it has never been so easy to get identities of vehicles as it is today, an old letter, a separated FIN and already grandma's Golf LS mutates to a 1 series GTI, the 912 from junkyard in San Diego to the 2.7 RS and so on. For creative counterfeiters, the search for clues becomes a thriller, no matter whether a so-called magneto-optical method for visualizing ground out or manipulated chassis numbers, or a spark spectrometer analyzes the metal to an accuracy of 10 years. Fabian Ebrecht and Sebastian Hoffmann are just beginning where the classical expert usually ends.

A mobile X-ray machine is also part of the machinery and can provide clarity in case of doubt whether there has been manipulation in the area around the chassis number - definitely an exciting topic.

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