Anti-theft protection and vehicle tracking with the MICARE GPS Trackerer

The MICARE GPS Tracker is the first compact 2 in 1 GPS Tracker that can locate vehicles with meter accuracy and identify them in seconds. The most innovative feature of this product is that it recognizes whether it needs to be active or not through special programming. The MICARE GPS tracker offers interval tracking (passive tracking) as theft protection and real-time tracking every 60 seconds (active tracking) in one. This results in extremely low power consumption and a battery life of up to 5 years. The use of a small battery allows for an extremely compact design. The intuitive MICARE GPS app shows the position of the vehicle directly on your smarthpone. The Car Finder in the app always guides you on the shortest way to your parked vehicle.

With integrated NFC technology, the MICARE GPS Tracker offers two unbeatable advantages:

1. The GPS tracker is paired with your smartphone in seconds (no manual input required).

2. The identification within seconds via APP enables the proof of ownership directly at the vehicle, even if the vehicle identification number has been manipulated.

The MICARE GPS APP alerts in case of vibration (breaking a window, opening/closing the door, lifting the car). The GPS tracker reports the movement of the vehicle and displays the corresponding start/stop position in the APP. The user can select 3 passive modes as anti-theft protection and turn on active SOS tracking in real time.

SLEEP MODE with passive monitoring:

  •      Every 24 hours (battery life up to 2 years).

DRIVE MODE with interval locating :

  •     Position display in the APP at start, then every 10 minutes while driving and after stopping the vehicle.
  •     Passive monitoring every 24 hours

ALARM MODE with interval tracking :

  •     Alarm notification by push message at every start and push message at stop of the vehicle.
  •     Position display in the APP at start, then every 10 minutes while driving and after stopping the vehicle
  •     passive monitoring every 24 hours

THEFT MODE with SOS real-time location inner:

  •     Position display every 60 seconds while driving
  •     Alarm message via push message at every start and push message stop of the vehicle
  •     Position display in the APP at start, then every 10 minutes while driving and after stopping the vehicle
  •     passive monitoring every 24 hours

In addition, the app offers a CAR-FINDER function:

  • Never search again. Easily find your parked car in a foreign city! The integrated CAR-FINDER function always shows you the shortest way to the parked vehicle on the map in the app.

The MICARE GPS Tracker is very robust, heat-resistant and splash-proof. Measuring L 64mm x W 45mm x H 19 mm, the MICARE GPS Tracker is barely bigger than a matchbox and weighs only 49 grams. It is self-sufficient and does not need to be connected to the vehicle's electrical system, so you can simply attach it to the car yourself using the integrated magnet. In addition, it is not a disposable product and environmentally friendly rechargeable with a USB cable Type C. Its battery level shows in the app. The MICARE GPS tracker covers all networks (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G). This means optimal tracking in 28 EU countries, the GPS Tracker automatically selects the best network. There are no monthly costs or fees for 24 months. I.e. no subscription is required and from the third year onwards there is an annual charge of only 79.90 euros.

Advantages at a glance:

  •     Compact: 64x45x20 (LxWxH in mm)
  •     Lightweight - weighs only 49g
  •     Robust, splash-proof housing
  •     Interval and real-time tracking
  •     Push alert on movement
  •     4 tracking profiles controllable in APP
  •     Integrated identification function with NFC
  •     Easy mounting - holds with strong magnet
  •     No wiring required on vehicle
  •     Up to 24 months battery life - battery alarm
  •     Environmentally friendly, rechargeable - charging cable included
  •     SIM card included for all networks 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
  •     No monthly fees, 24 months subscription free!

In the event of theft, you yourself can report the previously recorded vehicle stolen in your account by clicking on the mouse. From that moment on, your vehicle will be published in real time on the platform and we will actively help in the search.

The MICARE GPS TRACKER will be available soon from 259,00 Euro incl. 2 years connectivity. Would you like to order the MICARE GPS Tracker right away? For pre-orders please send us an email to bestellung@micare-ps.com or in the Store!

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