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Porsche taken, Mercedes stolen, Jaguar embezzled

Never before was it more lucrative to steal a vehicle than after the performance of recent years. Never before have thieves had it so easy as today. Thanks to online trading, anyone can buy a vehicle identity including documents and a separate chassis number ( VIN ). Now you can quickly steal the right vehicle, transfer the chassis number and resell it. Or the car is stripped and offered in parts in internet auctions. There is currently a lack of transparency. And so far there is no way to counteract this trend. Anyone who actually wanted to find their stolen vehicle had to search online marketplaces and research them online almost permanently himself. The detectability of stolen vehicles is less than one Perzent!

A look outside the box shows us - the art market is ahead of us:

The Art Loss Register lists over 500,000 stolen art objects worldwide, jewellery and luxury waches. It cooperates with authorities, auctioneers and insurances. The idea was born quickly: an online platform for stolen vehicles that every market participant can access. A collective memory that functions independently of a chassis number even when the theft from state databases and social media channels has long since disappeared.

Ownership does not expire! 

Our sustainable transparency, which gives every market participant insight/information, not only makes trading in stolen vehicles more difficult in the short and medium term, but also aims to reduce economic damage. Regardless of whether it is a classic car, youngtimer, enthusiast vehicle, SUV, van, motorhome, motorcycle, e-bike or e-scooter. the owner associates a high degree of emotion with his vehicle. The owner of such a vehicle is not interested in an insurance benefit - he wants his own vehicle back. This desire to get your own vehicle back and to make the trade with stolen vehicles permanently uninteresting is our motivation!


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Your stolen classic car does not disappear in the file archive.

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