MICARE GPS tracker with interval and real-time location via app includes SIM card with 24 months connectivity, strong magnet and double-sided gel adhesive pad

359,00 €

Product Info

  • Montoring, real-time location and identification in one device
  • 4 location profiles in the app
  • Theft warning via push message in case of movement
  • Compact, lightweight and robust - Made in Germany
  • Up to 24 months battery life in SLEEP MODE
  • Free MICARE GPS app in the App Store and on Google Play
  • No monthly fees - from the third year only Euro 79.00 per year


NEW: The MICARE GPS Tracker protects your vehicle optimally against theft with interval and real-time tracking, alarm function and identification.

The compact MICARE GPS Tracker 2 in 1 offers the possibility of both passive monitoring (interval tracking) and active SOS real-time tracking. This allows you to check the exact location of your vehicle at any time and act quickly if necessary. Due to the extreme power saving mode, the battery lasts up to 24 months in SLEEP mode.

Another strength of the MICARE GPS Tracker, in passive mode the tracker transmits at set intervals, making it difficult for thieves to track it down. Even the jammer method is not successful then, it might just delay the tracking. The MICARE GPS app you can see the current position of your vehicle and the battery level.

With the integrated NFC technology, the MICARE GPS Tracker offers two unbeatable advantages:
1. the GPS Tracker is simply paired with your smartphone and activated.
2. proof of ownership directly on the vehicle through identification in seconds via MICARE GPS APP, even if the vehicle ID number has been tampered with after a theft.

MICARE GPS Tracker protects with four intuitive modes in app:

  •     SLEEP MODE: with passive monitoring in 24h interval
  •     DRIVE-MODE: with interval tracking: if the vehicle starts moving, its position is updated in 10 minute      intervals during the drive and at the end of the drive the stop position is displayed
  •     ALARM MODE: with interval tracking and theft warning: The MICARE GPS App alerts when the vehicle is shaken, e.g. a window is smashed, the door is opened/closed, the vehicle is lifted and the position is displayed in the APP
  •     THEFT MODE: with Tracking on Demand: In case of emergency, SOS real-time tracking is activated at the touch of a button - With precise location updates at 60 second intervals, this tracking mode allows you to recover stolen goods and protect your property
Other features:

  •     CAR-FINDER: Never search again! Always find the shortest route to your parked vehicle on the map in the app at the touch of a button.
  •     HISTORY: The HISTORY function shows you the last 20 locations of your vehicle on the map map.
  •     MOVEMENT PROFILE: All starts and stops at a glance
  •     THEFT REPORT: Vehicle data in the digital file immediately at hand
With all these features, the MICARE GPS Tracker offers an effective and reliable way to protect your vehicle from theft and provides optimal tracking within the EU.

Easy installation:
The MICARE GPS Tracker is self-contained and is not wired, so you can easily mount it yourself in your vehicle using the integrated magnet or a reusable gel adhesive pad.

Dimensions & Weight:

Dimensions: L 64mm x W 45mm x H 23 mm
Weight: 70 g

Scope of delivery:

  •     1x MICARE GPS Tracker with extra strong integrated magnet for attachment
  •     1x USB power supply
  •     1x USB Type C cable
  •     2x warning stickers (to deter potential offenders)
  •     1 x gel adhesive pad
  •     Owners manual

Order the MICARE GPS Tracker now at an introductory price. You are welcome to order simply by sending an email to bestellung@micare-ps.com and receive your MICARE GPS conveniently sent to your home on account.