The first international, brand-independent register for stolen classics cars

MICARE PS is a registered trademark of the Missing Car Register GmbH

Missing Car Register GmbH, based in Heppenheim an der Bergstraße, was founded in March 2017. It is specialized in the long-term collection, documentation and storage of data on the theft of motor vehicles. This data enables the vehicle to be assigned to its original owner even after a longer period of time. 

The online portal MICARE PS is a registered trademark of Missing Car Register GmbH and for the first time makes it possible to search specifically for stolen vehicles or vehicle identities traded online (vehicle documents). It is particularly aimed at owners of high-quality sports cars and vintage cars, as they have an increased interest in getting their own vehicle back.

Since 2018, the platform also offers the possibility of registering vehicles preventively.  Furthermore, MICARE PS 2019 has developed a new type of theft protection with the NFC-ID SET using NFC technology, which at the same time enables proof of ownership through doubtless identification.

This makes it possible for the first time for all market participants to have parallel access to the stored vehicle data. The portal is aimed at private individuals, dealers, auction houses, leasing companies, appraisers, clubs, international associations, insurance companies, authorities, lawyers, etc.

With this new transparency MICARE PS helps to make the trade with stolen vehicles, embezzlement, falsification of high-quality vehicles and insurance fraud more difficult.

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