Gerrit Walgemoet


MICARE PS and private investigator Gerrit Walgemoet work together to fight classic car theft

Gerrit Walgemoet worked for the Dutch Customs Investigation Service, where he headed a special unit. He is familiar with the procedures and structures of gangs of thieves. "Our cooperation is cross-border, just as vehicle theft is," says the ex-investigator.

IRS stands for Investigations & Recovery Service and was founded by Gerrit Walgemoet. Since 2020, there is a cooperation of IRS and with MICARE PS - Missing Car Register GmbH. The aim is the timely investigation in the case of theft and the recovery of stolen classics.

The main task of Gerit Walgemoet is the tracing and recovery of vehicles in Europe on behalf of insurance companies, leasing and brokerage companies and authorities. The IRS security center is available 24/7 for theft victims.

In addition to the manipulation of the chassis numbers, the stolen goods are usually "cold-stored" out of the country in the first step. Means: the car is hidden for twelve weeks until it falls out of intensive tracing. Some classic cars are taken out of circulation for years - until the vehicle data is finally deleted at some point. That's why it makes sense to also enter thefts on MICARE PS that occurred some time ago.

Both partners hope that their cooperation will above all increase the detection rate: "An entry on MICARE PS in combination with a special passive locator and a digital marker through the NFC-ID-SET multiplies the chance of finding a stolen classic car again," Gerrit Walgemoet is convinced. The old Porsche in Kerkrade is just the beginning of a success story. From now on, this complete solution is available as MICARE PS RE-LOCATOR including recovery and repatriation of the vehicle.

Porsche recovered!

The cooperation between MICARE PS and private investigator Gerrit Walgemout can celebrate its first success. Thanks to the new MICARE PS RE-LOCATOR, this 1972 Porsche 911 T stolen in Germany was recovered at the German-Dutch border in Kerkake. 
The Porsche had one of these passive locators hidden on board. Walgemoet, a former customs investigator from the Netherlands and now a private investigator specializing in the recovery of classic cars, was able to precisely locate the car with a short-wave signal in a garage park.

Renewed success!

The Porsche turbo stolen on 31.10.2020 could be recovered by our coopration partner a private investigator. This exceptionally early Porsche turbo has a value of 400.000,- Euro.


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